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CISTM16 Scientific Program Committee Chair Welcome Letter

Blaise Genton,
CISTM16 Scientific Program
Committee Chair,

It is my pleasure to invite you to join us for the 16th Conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine (CISTM16) on 5-9 June 2019 in Washington, D.C., United States of America.

'Travel Medicine in a Changing Climate' was chosen to be the theme of this conference, recognizing the impact of travel on the environment, and how we must accommodate for these changes in our everyday work as travel medicine professionals. The changes in our earth's climate not only increases forced migratory travel, but has also an impact on vector-borne diseases and air-pollution related diseases. It is the responsibility of travel medicine professionals to promote sustainable travel and ecotourism, and render our travellers sensitive to environmental issues.

The Scientific Program Committee has been hard at work developing a full and comprehensive program including environmental concerns, antimicrobial resistance, arboviruses and eHealth for the plenary sessions. Symposia and workshops will cover malaria, sexual health of travellers, vaccinations, arthritogenic viruses, rabies and air pollution as well as specialty travellers and specialty travel. Two debates are planned, one on risk perceptions of Zika and respective recommendations, and another on Japanese Encephalitis, when to vaccinate?

Two new types of sessions will take place including a game show type session in which participants have to guess the questions when provided with the answers and another where presenters will give scientific evidence countering commonly held belief(s) or practice(s) in travel medicine called "Where's the Evidence?".

We are excited about the program that is being developed, and are working to identify the most critical issues, deliver prominent speakers in new formats for the scientific sessions. I also encourage you to submit your research to the committee to be considered for oral presentations and posters, as they are always well attended and appreciated by the delegates. We have left enough free communications sessions to accommodate for high quality research to be presented to colleagues.

I hope to welcome you to the CISTM16 in Washington, D.C.!

Blaise Genton,
CISTM16 Scientific Program Committee Chair,

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Plenary Sessions

Thursday, 06 June

Climate Change

Climatic Migrants
    Kanta Kumari Rigaud, United States of America
Climate Change and Mosquitos
    Desiree LaBeaud, United States of America
Sustainable Travel and Ecotourism
    Kelly Bricker, United States of America

Friday, 07 June

Antibiotic Stewardship and Anitmicrobial Resistance

Current Epidemiology of Antimicrobial Resistance in SE Asia
    Stephen Baker, United Kingdom
Antimicrobial Resistance in Migrants
    Laura Nellums, United Kingdom
Impact of Antimicrobial Resistance on Travellers and Mitigation Through Pre-Travel Advice
    Regina La Rocque, United States of America

Saturday, 08 June

Arboviruses Including Yellow Fever, Zika, and Dengue

What is New in Zika?
    Manon Vouga, Switzerland
Yellow Fever: the Brazilian Epidemic
    Pedro Vasconcelos, Brazil
The Story of Dengue Vaccines: Lessons Learned
    Annelies Wilder-Smith, Switzerland

Sunday, 09 June


Social Media and Fake News in Travel Medicine
    Maryn McKenna, United States of America
The Traveller in the Digital World (Risk Assessment, Web 5.0)
    Andrea Farnham, Switzerland
Decision Support Systems and Artificial Intelligence
    Valerie D'Acremont, Switzerland

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Alan Magill Memorial Lecture

Malaria Transmission: When Little is Enough
    Christopher Drakeley, United Kingdom

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Sexual Health in Travellers

Behaviour & Sexual Health Risks in Travellers
    Karen Rogstad, United Kingdom
HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis: Does it Have a Role in Travellers?
    Farhad Cooper, United Kingdom
HIV Post-Exposure Prophylaxis PEP
    Ronald Goldschmidt, United States of America

Arthritogenic Viruses: an Update on Epidemiology, Clinical Course, and Management Strategies

Management of Chronic Sequelae of Arthritogenic Virus Infection: What's New?
    Fabrice Simon, France
Epidemiology of Arthritogenic Viruses Affecting Travellers
What Do We Know About the Clinical Course of Arthritogenic Virus Infections?
    Lin Chen, United States of America


Diarrhea During Deployments — How Do We Stop the Floods?
    Mark Riddle, United States of America
Hot in the Tropics: On-Site Management of Febrile Deployed Military
    Christophe Rapp, France
Military Travellers and Dermatology: a Hot & Wet Relationship
    Lucy Lamb, United Kingdom
Management of Psychiatric Events During Combat and Non-Combat Deployments
    David Benedek, United States of America

Air Pollution and Travel

Travel Medicine and Air Pollution 
    Christopher Sanford, United States of America
    Terry Gordon, United States of America
Preparing Expatriates
    Trish Batchelor, Australia

Not a Luxury:  How to Build Psychological Capital among Travellers and International Asignees?

    Marius van Aswegen, South Africa
    Fanie Jute, South Africa
    Tullia Marcolongo, Canada

The Older Traveller — Pharmacist-Provided Care

Using a Pharmaceutical Care Model to Assess Medication-Related Risks in Older Travellers
    Ian Heslop, Australia
Pharmacokinetic and Metabolic Pathways: The Science Behind Drug and Disease Interactions Commonly Found in Elderly Travellers
    Derek Evans, United Kingdom
Drug-Drug and Drug-Disease Interactions in the Older Traveller
    Karl Hess, United States of America
To Vaccinate or Not?: Efficacy and Safety of Vaccines, as well as the Increased Need, in the Older Traveller
    Mark Walberg, United States of America

Migrant Health and Global Health Policy

Thailand Policies to Protect Health of Migrants: a Model for other Regions?
Health Needs of Migrants and Refugees at Primary Care Levels
    Androula Pavli, Greece
Addressing Social Determinants of Health Through Tuberculosis Control Programmes


Experience with IV Artesunate and Hemolysis in Travellers
    Thomas Zoller, Germany
    Katherine Tan, United States of America
Safety and Efficacy of Anti-Malarials in Pregnancy
    Clara Crespillo Andujar - INVITED NOT CONFIRMED


Making Sense Out of Schedules
    David Tarlinton, Australia
Countering the Anti-Vaccine Lobby
Typhoid Vaccine: Do We Need it at All?
    Eli Schwartz, Israel

Immunocompromised Traveller

Risk-Benefit Balance for the Immunocompromised Traveller
    Karin Leder, Australia
Immunomodulating Drugs or Vaccines?
    Gilles Eperon, Switzerland
Special Advice for the Immunocompromised Traveller
    Micha Loebermann, Germany

ASTMH Partner Symposium

Vector-Borne Diseases: The Ecologic Interface of Global Health, One's Health, and Travellers' Health
    Speaker TBD
Mosquito Biology, Disease Risk, and Personal Protection
    Speaker TBD
Ticks, Reduvid Bugs, and Sandflies: Entomological Perspective and Strategies for Preventing Associated Diseases
    Speaker TBD

ISID Partner Symposium

ISID mRIIDS and Epicore Programs?
    Britta Lassmann
Enhanced Surveillance of Antibiotic Resistance in Travellers and Migrants - the GeoSentinel Perspective?
    David Hamer, United States of America
On-the-Ground:  Severe Outbreaks

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Female Travellers
    Katherine Gibney, Australia
    Andrea Holmes, Ireland

Children are Not Small Adults
    Sheila Mackell, United States of America
    Shirley Molitor-Kirsch, United States of America

Medical Considerations in the Internationally Adopted Child
    Laurie Miller, United States of America
    Elaine Schulte, United States of America

Health Problems During Travel
    Prativa Pandey, Nepal
    Watcharapong Piyaphanee, Thailand

    Philippe Gautret, France
    Terapong Tantawichien - INVITED, NOT CONFIRMED

How to Survive
    Charmaine Tate, New Zealand
    Chris van Tilburg, United States of America

Rickettsial Diseases
    Daniel Paris, Switzerland
    Ranjan Premaratna, Sri Lanka

Rash Decisions: Dermatology in Travellers
    Scott Norton, United States of America

Chronic Disease Travellers
    Gerard Flaherty, Ireland
    Andrea Rossanese, Italy

Deep and Steep
    Buddha Basnyat, Nepal
    Michael Callahan, United States of America

Personal Stories
    Yen Bui, Canada
    Peter Chiodini, United Kingdom
    Albie de Frey, South Africa

Digital Tools
    Sarah Kohl, United States of America
    Sarah McGuinness, Australia

Ill Returning Traveller
    Andrea Boggild, Canada
    Emmanuel Bottieau, Belgium

Surf and Turf
    Gabriel Alcoba - INVITED, NOT CONFIRMED
    Vernon Ansdell, United States of America

The Imperfect Travel Health Consult
    Heather Connor, Canada
    Sandra Grieve, United Kingdom
    Claire Wong, New Zealand

Update on Diagnosis and Management of Schistosomiasis
    Johannes Clerinx, Belgium
    Federico Gobbi, Italy

The Travelling Student to and from Abroad - Issues and Challenges
    Catherine Ebelke, United States of America
    Marie Plisson-Saune, France
    Gail Rosselot, United States of America

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Travel to a Zika Endemic Region Should My Patient Worry?
    Michael Libman, Canada
    Peggy Honein, United States of America
    Gerard Sonder, Netherlands

Japanese Encephalitis
    Mary Wilson, United States of America
    Brad Connor, United States of America
    Steven Schofield, Canada

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Destination: Antarctica

    Catriona Austin, New Zealand
    Susan Kuhn, Canada

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Panel Discussion

Rabies New PReP Schedule
    David Shlim, United States of America
    Reeta Mani, India
    Patrick Soentjens, Belgium

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Jeopardy: the Returning Traveller with...
    Marc Shaw, New Zealand
    Olivier Aoun, France
    Marta Diaz Menendez, Spain
    Anne McCarthy, Canada

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Where is the Evidence?

    Chris Greenaway, Canada