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Older Traveller

Founding Organizers

  • Gerard Flaherty, Ireland
  • Andrea Rossanese, Italy
  • Robert Steffen, Switzerland
  • Joseph Torresi, Australia

We are delighted to welcome you to the home page of the new ISTM Older Travellers Group. The world is becoming more globally mobile while life expectancy is steadily climbing to an all-time high.

Older travellers have special considerations and unique challenges that are important to address in preventing travel related illness.

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Call for Nominations

Are you interested in serving as an Officer on the Council of the ISTM Older Traveller Interest Group? If so, you have until 15 April 2019 to submit a nomination form accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae (CV) or BioSketch to be considered for inclusion on the ballot. You may download the proposal form here. The completed form and CV or BioSketch should be sent to Jodi Metzgar (

Basic Operational Structure
The Older Traveller Group is governed by a Council elected by its membership. The Council consists of at least five (5) members, one of which will be Chair and one Vice-Chair. It is anticipated that subcommittees will be formed from within the group members, and the elected council may appoint cooperating members. The Group Chair will report to the ISTM Executive Board and serve on the ISTM Leadership Council.

Steering Council Membership
  • At least five members – up to seven
  • The council members must represent different world regions and at a minimum three continents should be represented. It is recommended that no more than two members per continent should serve on the Council.
  • Interest Group membership may be multi?disciplinary. 
  • Interest Group members must be full ISTM Members.
  • Members seek participation out of genuine interest in the Group and its initiatives.
  • Potential council members are required to present their CV and a written vision statement. This application need not be proposed and seconded and can be self-declared on advertisement of the open position.
  • Members and Officers serve terms of two years, with a limit of two, two year terms in succession.
  • Approximately one third of members are elected every two years to allow for continuity.

Steering Council Officers
  • Two officers: Chair and Chair Elect, each serving for a two-year term.
  • Chair Elect becomes Chair at end of term
  • Immediate Past Chair remains on Council as Ex?Officio (non?voting) Member for 1 two?year term.

For each open position, the nominating committee will carefully review all the names proposed and will select, by majority vote. A link to a secure and anonymous electronic ballot will be e-mailed to all Interest Group members, and balloting will be open for a 30-day period of time.

Consider running and become a leader of this important Interest Group!

Send your form and CV or BioSketch in by 15 April 2019.

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Preliminary Objectives

  • Foster the development of recommendations for vaccines, medication and general travel health issues for older travellers
  • Provide a forum for ISTM Members interested in travel health issues for older travellers
  • Advance the science of geriatric travel medicine
  • Develop programs and sessions to educate travel medicine practitioners on specific issues regarding older travellers
  • Promote the importance of travel-related issues of older travellers to geriatricians, primary care professionals and other non-travel medicine professionals.

If you are interested in joining this group and helping develop the outlined objectives, please login and join.