Psychological Health of Travellers

  • Chair: Michael Jones, United Kingdom
  • Past Chair: Thomas Valk, United States of America
  • Antonio Roberto Abaya, Philippines
  • Sung Mo Chung, Vietnam
  • Ted Lankester, United Kingdom
  • Lineke Westerveld-Sassen, South Africa

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We are delighted to announce the establishment of an ISTM group dedicated to the mental health of travellers. This topic is of growing interest in the travel medicine community. Although this area is of great importance to travelers, for a variety of reasons it often receives far less attention than it deserves. We are very pleased that ISTM is willing to help redress this balance through the activities of this new Interest Group.

Although discussions around this topic have been present since the founding of ISTM, it was the CISTM in Budapest that provided the impetus to create this Interest Group. After the final session on mental health, many people expressed their enthusiasm in continuing to explore the issues and to network with colleagues on this topic.

We invite ISTM members who have an interest in the psychological health of travellers to join this group and help identify our initial priorities and activities. We welcome physicians, nurses and allied health professionals as well as those with qualifications or special experience in psychological health. There is no additional cost to join, and it's easy. Click here to join or for more information.

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The Psychological Health of Travellers Interest Group Charter

  • Raise awareness among those who care for travelers of the psychological issues connected with travel and the importance of considering psychological health at all stages in the patient journey.
  • Mainstream this key aspect of health into standard travel medicine practice.
  • Develop evidence based good practice in the psychological health care of travelers, before, during, and after travel and help develop tools for identifying those most at risk

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Psychological Health of Travellers Interest Group Future Activities

As the group is just being chartered, we hope to explore and identify the most valued activities with those interested in the psychological health of travellers. We have agreed to address the mental health issues of all types of travelers or migrants, though issues involving longer-term travelers may well form an important area for discussion.

We hope to quickly begin to identify topics for future ISTM meetings, and provide the members of this group with opportunities to share their concerns and knowledge through networking opportunities.

Please send your suggestions to Mike Jones on future activities and how we can make this group as useful and dynamic as possible.